Oprah and steadman’s relationship has always been interesting for all. The couple has maintained the relationship for more than two decades as a long – lasting relationship. Both of them got themselvess happily engaged but never reached the destiny of marriage. Neverteless, the couple did not publicize their love affair which can be proven from the fact that in a long period of 25 years of hosting the television’s most favourite chat show, Stedman Graham appeared only 3 times which is inclusive of the finale of “Favourite Things’.

A native citizen of New Jersey, Stedman Graham, due to his 6’6 height, was not only a basketball player but alsoa sportswear model. In his youth days, as Oprah admits, Stedman was a quite good looking person that his staff members used to warn Oprah against him. Stedman started dating Oprah Winfrey after the failure of his marriage with Glenda Graham in the year 1985. He supported Oprah in the era of 80’s when a local newspaper sold her out for just $20,000.  This step of Stedman touched Oprah’s heart thereby, rooting deeper into the relationship with him.

During the initial times of the relationship, both Oprah and Stedman were highlighted in nearly all the glamorous ceremonies or award functions but later on, due to the shy natured guy, they stopped dating each other on public places. Furthermore, he also declared that he has nothing to do with Oprah’s fame, wealth and success. As he says “I am in a relatioship with a very powerful woman. I am not treathened by her fame, success or her money”.

Stedman and Winfrey

Stedman and Winfrey got engaged in a relationship in the year 1992, at when they decided to get married in 1993 which never took place. The couple decided to live a spritual relationship. In a television interview Oprah recordingly said that “I do not know another man on this planet who could have lived this life with such dignity, such grace, and such respect and humility in it, and still hold his own and be his own.”

Their relationship also grew stonger because of the confidence factor in it. Oprah gave birth to a child in the age of 14 afte being sexually assaulted by two of her relatives. The baby died in infancy. Furthermore, after her breakup with her ex – boyfriend, she tried to commit suicide but never went for it. Stedman Graham, owned Oprah in the light of this knowledge which gave this relationship a new pillar to stand upon as Wifnrey said “the love, the lover, the man, the partner, the mate” of her life is Stedman Graham. Oprah Winfrey describes her love with Stedman Graham by preparing his favourite sandwich and eating together with him.

In this story of perfect love, it was rumoured in 2008 that the couple has decided to call off the relationship which was strongly denied by Oprah as the furthest thing from truth. Both of them have the opinion that the relationship between them is very strong and long lasting.



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