Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey is a famous American television producer, host and philanthropist. She was born on 29th January, 1954. She is best known for the award winning talk shows that have become the top rated TV shows of their kind in the history. She carries on each and every program in her own style. She has also been declared as one of the richest African American of the 20th century. Her popularity is not just restricted to a specific or a certain variable. There was a time when she was the only black billionaire in the world. According to a lot of people she is also considered amongst one of the most influential women in the world. She was born in a rural area of Mississippi and was raised up in poverty. She went through a lot of difficulties and hardship during her childhood. Due to her poor financial conditions she started to work in a radio channel while she was still in high school. It is believed that she has revolutionized the whole talk show industry. A study shows that she has broken the taboos and has allowed the LGBT people to move in into the mainstream.  She has also been involved in writing, films, radio etc. With such a diverse experience she continued to polish her skills.


The other side of the picture is the social life of Oprah Winfrey. She has been an all-rounder in the field of life. A part from the busy schedule she has never let her personal life interfere with her social life. The worries of the professional world have never been seen once she was back into her social circle.  She often says that once I leave the set, I leave my worries there. This is the best part of her life and the secret how she always communicates and roams around her social circle free of all worries. Her best friend is Gayle King. She also had a long friendship with Maria Shriver. Winfrey is very generous and open. She enjoys a big social circle and she believes in socializing and getting to know other people. She is a freedom loving individual, who is always adventurous and always ready for the great time to come. The secret of such an enthusiastic life is that she never allows difficulties to keep her down. Her morale is always high and she always looks forwards to a positive change. Apart from her own worries he feels the problems of others and helps them out in their own matters. This is why her friend and the people he move around are always very happy with her.


Friendship means a lot to her, she believes that a friendship is the only relation that is above love relationships and romance. Winfery inculpates a lot of support through her community activities, friends, family, groups, organizations and clubs which she is linked with. The friends circle tends to influence her a lot. Her moods are altered as per the environment. The influence or the emotional attachment and love for the friend and family has been a major part of her everyday life. She does not feel any shame in contacting her friends with whom she had not talked since long. Her being a celebrity and rich women never made her proud and she never looked down on any one.




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