Stedman Graham, born on 6th March 1951 in the city of Whitesboro, NJ, is an author, educator, businessman and speaker; who has conjointly served in the US Army. He’s mainly called the cohort of media tycoon, Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey and Graham were engaged in November 1992, however later they announced that instead of being married, they would rather have a spiritual union.


While discussing Stedman Graham career, he received a Bachelor degree in 1974 in Social Work from Hardin-Simmons University and a Master’s degree in Education from Ball State University in 1979. He was jointly on a number of Oprah shows over 25 years of period.


Graham is CEO and entrepreneur of “S. Graham Associates”. It is an academic selling and consulting firm based in Chicago, Illinois. A non-profit organization, AAD was also founded by him that gives services to youth and since its founding in 1985, it has awarded more than 1.5 million USD in scholarships.


Graham has been a stable companion of Robin Robinson, a WFLD-TV anchor from 1982 to 1985. Since 1986, Graham has been the subject of debate because of the enduring connection with Oprah Winfrey. Graham and Winfrey have been dating for more than 25 years.


Recently, he has the non-recurring membership of the conservative commentator Armstrong Williams which has gained a lot of great media attention, the two have created public relations firm, Graham Williams, a group of about fourteen years ago. Williams accepted 250,000 USD in public funds; the U.S. government praises No Child Left behind Act, but not admitting he was paid to hear the case. Although William has retained the name of the company and Graham was not involved, Graham has no financial interest in the company. Graham is represented many of the agencies’ speakers and receives between 12,000 USD- 15,000 USD for one appearance.


Graham founded My Life Is about Foundation in 2008, which is a non-profit learning establishment whose objective is to help youngsters find out their potential. This establishment’s educational agenda is the tool Graham is utilizing in order to make himself achieve this aim. My Life Is about Foundation is dedicated to and will be giving a stable educational program which educators and students can get themselves engaged in through a 4 year procedure. The plan is executed at some stage in the freshman high school year and stays put at the students’ clearance in graduation.


Stedman Graham is known for his devotion to the community with the National Urban League Community Service Award as well as the Franklin Covey Humanitarian Service Award. He provides his service on numerous boards, which include the Seven-Eleven Education, is Freedom Foundation and the JA (National Board of Junior Achievement). He is also an active participant of the Economic Club of Chicago. Finally, the study Stedman Graham career of his latest book, a new plan for the 21 century in this book, Graham shows how to get out of the box that holds the person to reach his full potential and reveals that success is really based on results, performance and excellence.


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