Stedman Graham was born and bought up in Whiteboro, New Jersey with his 5 other brothers and sisters.  Graham obtained a bachelor’s degree in Social work from the Hardin-Simmons University in the year 1974. He went for his master’s degree in the field of education from Ball State University, Indiana in 1979.  Although he moved to North Carolina to find a job in the field of education, later on he got associated with B&C associates and started his career with Bob Brown who he has called as his mentor. Presently he is the Chief Executive Ofiicer of S.Graham and Associates which is a consulting and marketing firm based in Chicago. He is currently engaged with the Full Sail University as an adjunct professor. Stedman was initially known as the media mogul partner of Oprah Winfrey.

Son to Mary Jones Graham and Stedman Graham, Sr.  Stedman, before meeting Oprah winfrey, got married to Glenda Graham in the year 1982, but was not able to miantain a storng relationship between them. This resulted in divorce between the two after three years in the year 1985 leaving behind a doughter named Wendy. Wendy was raised up by her mother in Dallas but has also spent much time with her father and his long time girlfriend, Oprah Winfrey. Wendy is a grown up adult now but is not as famous as her father.

Soon after the marriage break up, Stedman Graham created a relationship with a Chicago based televisiion anchor woman Robin Robinson. The lady was previously married thrice to Steve Williams, retired field and track sprinter in th eyear 1980, NBC salesman Terrance Brantley in 1986  – 1990 and with Dennis Allen from 1991 – 1994. This relationship with Graham, too, could not last for long and ended up in a break up between the two.

Much attention of media was grabbed by Stedman Graham in previous days as he met the famous commentator Armstrong William with whom he founded his public relation firm 14 years ago and named it as The Graham – William Group. William was convicted of receiving $250,000 in the funds of the US government treasury for the reason of raising a campaign of No Child Left behind Act without informing that he has been paid for this.

Another important person in the life of Stedman Graham, other than Oprah Winferey is his best friend Tolbert Chisum. They met in the Crosby Golf tournament in the year 1980 in North Carolina. Alhough there were many cultural as well as ethnical differences between them such as that Todler was born in Texas and belonged to a conservative family, whereas, Stedman was born and raised in texas and belonged to a liberal family, they managed to maintain their friendship for a period of 20 years and the count is still on.

Recently, Stedman Graham is in a relationship with the famous television anchor woman Oprah Winfrey. Although, Stedman’s previous relationships with Glenda and Robin Robinson was known to Winfrey, she claimed that Graham is sincere to her and so this strong bond is being carried on since 1986 to date.


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